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World Alzheimer’s Month | What are the Symptoms? | Gratitude in-home care

The objective of World Alzheimer’s Month is to increase awareness and combat the stigma associated with Alzheimer’s and dementia. Despite misconceptions, many still consider dementia as a typical part of aging. Our mission is to educate people about the warning signs of Alzheimer’s and dementia. Early recognition of these signs can lead to access to vital information, support, and treatments.

Alzheimer’s and dementia manifest through a range of recognisable symptoms. A primary hallmark, memory loss disrupts the ability to retain recent events or information. Coordinating activities becomes challenging, often resulting in difficulties with tasks that require precise movements. Language problems emerge as individuals struggle to articulate thoughts, find words, or comprehend speech. Disorientation, both temporally and spatially, causes confusion about time, place, and surroundings. Misinterpreting information becomes common, leading to misunderstandings in conversations or daily activities. Additionally, individuals may encounter problems in organisation, making it hard to keep track of personal belongings or follow routines. One notable symptom is a reduced inclination or capability to initiate activities once enjoyed, reflecting a declining interest in hobbies or social engagement.


Consult with doctors, geriatric specialists, and neurologists who can provide medical assessments, diagnosis, and guidance on managing dementia symptoms.


Gratitude In-home Care has a team of experienced staff members that work with dementia clients on a daily basis in the home care setting. Get in touch for any inquiries or and to book a free consultation!

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