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Funding options for home care

Funding Options

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There are a variety of government funding options available for home-based services depending on your individual situation as well as the option to self-fund the services you receive.

A variety of factors such as your age, the level of care you require, and your financial standing can affect which funding option is the most appropriate for you.

How do I get a government funded home care package

We can assist with the application and provide any services to meet your needs! Call us on (03) 9863 6149 or 1300 912 155 after hours, email us at info@gihc.com.au

How much does it cost to self fund the services I receive?

Clients can self fund the services they receive from Gratitude In-Home Care at anytime. When individuals do not have a government home care package, they will self fund their support services. It is also common that individuals will self fund their services while they are waiting for their governement funded home care package to become available.

The price of our services can be found here.

Contact us and we’ll answer any questions you have about your funding options or any other quiries you may have.

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