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About us

Excellence in Private Home Care

Our Mission

Through a commitment to service excellence and innovation, Gratitude In-home Care provides high quality care and support to older adults to help meet the physical, mental and emotional needs of those we serve by improving their quality of life, delivery of humanitarian excellence, extraordinary quality service, and compassionate care.

Our Vision

We strive to be a leader in home aged care services that enriches lives of all our clients. Our aim is to provide the highest quality of customer service with a sense of warmth, kindness, and personalisation in the delivery of a superior care experience.

Our Values

We believe the strength of an organisation comes from within, with all staff sharing the values that show a commitment to Gratitude In-home Care service model, where the service user is the focus. It is the right of the service user to influence the care services required to maintain their independent lifestyle at home.


We encourage innovation. This means applying creative thinking to challenge the way we work. By questioning current ideas, problem solving creatively and searching for excellence, we will continuously improve and grow our business.

Communication and Collaboration

Fostering communication and collaboration means building effective relationships, communicating clearly and with influence, and working together to achieve objectives.


Encouraging personal responsibility means acting decisively, accepting accountability for one’s actions, driving accountability in others and achieving organisational viability and sustainability.


We empower employees to be self-motivated which drives our staff to be proactive and promotes a learning culture.

Continuous improvement

Fostering service excellence and continuous improvement means understanding the client or customer, demonstrating resilience and ensuring that service provision exceeds expectations through continuous improvement.

Culture of care

We promote a culture of care by respecting diversity when working with others. This helps to create a great work environment.


What Client Say
Andrew Thompson
The carers sent to help my mother were excellent.

Francene Cimarelli
Thank you for the service, everyone is very helpful and the homecare ladies were very good at their job.