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Aged Care Specialist Officers (ACSOs) provide face-to-face assistance | Aged Care | Gratitude in-home care

Aged Care Specialist Officers (ACSOs) provide face-to-face assistance for all your aged care needs through My Aged Care.

How ACSOs Can Help:

✨Information: Detailed info on aged care services.

✨Eligibility and Referrals: Check eligibility and refer for assessments.

✨ Representation: Help appoint a My Aged Care representative.

✨ Financial Guidance: Provide financial info on services.

✨ Local Support: Connect to local support services.

Accessing ACSO Services:

Available nationwide at service centres in all states and regions.

Booking an Appointment:

Call 1800 227 475 or visit a service centre to book or change an appointment. You’ll receive a booking reference number for your appointment.

Get in contact for any in-home aged care inquiries and to arrange a free consultation.

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📞 1300 912 155, (03) 9863 6149
📧 [email protected]

My Aged Care Face-to-Face assistance

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