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Star Ratings For Nursing Homes Indicate Improvement | Aged Care | Gratitude in-home care

A year after its launch, Aged Care Star Ratings indicates a noteworthy improvement in the quality of aged care facilities nationwide. The data reveals a substantial increase in the number of homes achieving 4 and 5-star ratings, with 1,329 homes (54%) delivering good or excellent care, marking a 15% improvement in the past 12 months. Conversely, homes needing improvement have decreased, with 54 homes (2%) now receiving 1 and 2 stars, a decrease of 152 since the previous year.

Star Ratings provides previously unavailable data, allowing a comprehensive evaluation of aged care home performance. This transparency enables older individuals, their families, and caregivers to compare services, fostering a culture of continuous improvement among providers. The inaugural year of Star Ratings demonstrates an increase in the time devoted by nurses and care workers to older individuals, resulting in better care for the elderly, as 12% more aged care homes now achieve acceptable care levels.

The positive developments signify a promising shift in aged care, indicating a commitment to ongoing improvement. Star Ratings, accessed 634,592 times on the My Aged Care website, offers a user-friendly format categorizing performance across Residents’ Experience, Compliance, Staffing, and Quality Measures, ultimately calculating an Overall Star Rating. Minister for Aged Care Anika Wells acknowledges the positive impact of Star Ratings, emphasizing its role in lifting the standard of aged care and providing benchmarking opportunities for providers.

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