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significant progress in finding a cure for type one diabetes | Aged Care | Gratitude in-home care

Researchers at a Melbourne institute have made significant progress in finding a cure for type one diabetes, coming closer to rewiring insulin production for affected individuals. The Baker Heart and Diabetes Institute identified two drugs capable of regenerating insulin production in damaged pancreatic cells. This breakthrough can restore insulin production within just 48 hours. Unlike current pharmaceutical options that manage blood glucose levels but don’t prevent the destruction of insulin-producing cells, these drugs present a promising, disease-modifying treatment for type one diabetes.


Sof Andrikopoulos, CEO of the Australian Diabetes Society, praised the research, highlighting its potential to eliminate the burden of frequent insulin injections or pumps for individuals with type one diabetes. The discovery could significantly improve their quality of life, potentially reducing injections from multiple times a day to once a day or even eliminating the need for injections entirely, essentially offering a cure for diabetes. Diabetes Australia welcomed the research, emphasising its encouraging implications for those living with type one diabetes and the broader global fight against diabetes, affecting close to two million Australians and over 530 million adults worldwide.


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