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Older Temporary Workers Debate | Gratitude in-home care

The Australian government is trying to make it easier for foreign workers in aged care to become permanent residents because there aren’t enough people to fill these jobs. But at the same time, they are making older temporary workers leave the country, even if they are doing important work.

Australian citizens in their 60s can keep working in aged care as long as they want. However, temporary visa holders aged 57-year-old must leave Australia for being too old according to the immigration rules.

Immigration lawyer Tin Zhu thinks that Australia should change the rules for certain jobs like aged care. He believes it’s unfair that even though someone that has been in Australia for eight years can’t apply to stay permanently because of her age.

Some experts say that older migrants can cost the country more in the long run because they might need more healthcare as they get older. So, there’s a debate about whether Australia should change its rules to allow older workers to stay if they are doing important and understaffed jobs.


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