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Questions to ask when choosing an in-home aged care provider

1.       What makes your organisation different from other providers?


It is important to do research into organisations and find out which organisation is best suited to your needs and preferences.


2.       What services do you offer?


It is important to be detailed when explaining the services that you require. You should also include care needs, frequency, duration, location, preferences, medical conditions, and when when you require the services to be delivered. All these items and more should be outlined in an intake/referral form.


3.       What fees are involved?


It is important to know what fees are involved and how much they cost because it will depend how many hours you can get for your home care package or how many hours you can afford to pay out of pocket if you’re a self-funded individual. Some providers charge entry, exit, and daily fees, so make sure to be aware of all the fees before signing an agreement.


4.       How much do your services cost?


It is important to know how much the services you require will be costing you, whether you have a home care package or if you’re a self- funded individual. Providers should be happy to let you know exactly how much everything will cost.


5.       What is the minimum number of hours per shift?


Most in-home aged care providers have a minimum number of hours of shift that you can request because it isn’t easy to get personal care assistants to work short shifts, especially if they’re required to drive to a different suburb.


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