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Gardening and Home Maintenance (1)

Providers are required to maintain the care recipient’s home and garden in a condition of functional safety and provide an adequate level of security. Some minor home maintenance services can be provided where the person was previously able to carry out the activity themselves but can no longer do so due to their age-related functional decline.

However, general home services that were never, or are generally not completed independently prior to age-related functional decline, including home repairs/maintenance/specialist cleaning performed by a tradesperson or other licensed professional, are services that people are expected to cover out of their general income throughout their life regardless of age.

Some minor light gardening services can be provided where the person was previously able to carry out the activity themselves but can no longer do safely. For example maintaining access and egress pathways through a property, lawn mowing, weeding of established garden beds, yard clearance where there are issues of safety and access, and essential pruning for access areas.

Exclusions would be maintaining an entire garden, extensive tree or garden pruning, mulching gardens as these are beyond the scope and intent of the program.

Modifications must be for safety and accessibility reasons, recommended by a health professional operating within their scope of practice as recommended due to ageing related decline, not for aesthetic reasons and must not require development. Some parts of the renovation may be appropriate to be funded by the HCP (ambulant toilet) and the care recipient may be able to pay for the remainder parts using their own personal funds (e.g. heated towel rails would be an inappropriate use of Government funds).

Repair of internal flooring which is not related to improvement of ageing related functional impairment, is excluded from the HCP Program

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