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Victorian Government to fund Nursing Degrees

Daniel Andrews has announced that the Victorian Government will invest $270 million to fund University studies for all new domestic students enrolling in a professional-entry nursing and midwifery course in 2023 and 2024 as a scholarship of up to $16,500 to cover the full amount of course costs to make it easier to fill rosters and allow more nurses to take up flexible work arrangements.

Students will receive $9000 over their three years of study and the remaining $7500 would be paid off if they work in Victorian public health services for two years.

The package also includes:

• Scholarships for postgraduate nurses to complete studies in specialty areas such as intensive care, emergency, paediatrics and cancer care – worth an average of $10,000
• $11,000 scholarships for enrolled nurses to become registered nurses, covering course costs and boosting the number of registered nurses
• $12,000 scholarships to support training and employment of 100 new Nurse Practitioners in both acute and community settings
• More than $20 million to provide more support to the growing numbers of graduates and postgraduates as they transition to working in our hospitals – ensuring they have access to the clincial educators, preceptors and study time they need.
You can view all the details of Daniel Andrew’s Media release from August 28