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There is more to accessing aged care than going to a facility


There is a lack of information out there regarding aged care services, and it can be difficult to access and navigate.  it can also be scary thinking you may have to go into an aged care facility. A recent study by The National Ageing Research Institute on 300 Victorians over 65 showed that over half have a fear of being mistreated or isolated in nursing homes. The research found that 76 percent of participants expressed that they would prefer to remain in their own homes for as long as possible, while six percent expressed faith in the aged care system.

Seniors who eventually get access to care at home after waiting for so long may receive less care than they require, or they may not be able to access the specific services that they need. The absence of adequate home care services can increase the risk of declining function, preventable hospitalisation, caregiver burnout, and a premature admission to a residential aged care facility.

Many families place their loved one in aged care once they feel the person can no longer look after themselves without constant nursing care. However, it is possible to receive all the care that one requires, from the comfort of one’s own home. It is common when seniors get too frail for them to do housework, shopping, eating properly and are then sent to nursing homes, but that is not the only option available. Gratitude In-Home Care allows you to live at home longer or get home from hospital faster with our in-home care services. Our services will help to improve the independence of individuals by supporting them around the house and supported them to do that thing they want to do. Gratitude In-Home care can provide services for as little as a few hours, up to as much as care that’s required.  Many seniors are worried about losing their independence and being put into an aged care facility.  Our in-home care services will help to improve the independence by providing assistance around the house and supporting seniors to do what they want to do.



as well as any other services that government home care packages fund for, such as

• Personal care
• palliative care
• Overnight & 24-hour care
• Respite care
• Medication assistance
• Nursing services
• After hospital care
• Companionship
• Shopping support and meal preparation
• Gardening and home maintenance
• Transport support
• Assistance with household tasks
• Community access
• Allied Health Services

Prior to providing services, we will visit the client’s home and conduct a free home safety assessment and decide whether safety measures need to be put in place, such as non-slip mates in the bathroom, handrails, and lights.

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