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RAC Staffing issues made apparent with star rating system | My Aged Care | Australia

With the recent addition of star ratings for residential aged care (RAC) providers on the my aged care provider finder, we are seeing that currently 91% of Australian nursing homes score 3-stars or more, meaning they are ranked as having an acceptable overall standard, with the other 9% of nursing homes scoring below the 3-star overall rating over four criteria, ranked as being below standard overall classed as ‘improvement needed’ for 2-stars or ‘significant improvement needed’ for 1-star.

It’s good that we’re seeing just a small percentage of nursing homes with below standard overall scores. However, we’re seeing a whopping 65% of nursing homes totalling to 1,600 that rank below standard rating with improvement needed or significant improvement needed for the staffing criterion. This finding is unsettling, as seniors have the right to high quality care.

Aged and Community Care Providers Association head Tom Symondson said, “I think the reality is we cannot find enough people in Australia today to fill all the roles we need.”

There have been major staff shortages since covid, paired with low wages adding to the problem. Staffing issues are likely not to go away until pay rises start to get introduced mid next year, and when more international workers come to work in the industry.

In-home aged care reduces the number of possible staffing issues, due to in-home care being 1 to 1 care. Caregivers are personally matched based on the preferences of clients and other compatibility factors.

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