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Package B

Package B – Self-management Extra

Package B

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Package B

You have the freedom to organise and schedule support workers that you may need, but we'll assist with arranging Gardeners, Cleaners, Allied Health professionals, and Nurses!
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  • No Extra Fees
  • Organise Your Own Support Workers
  • Dedicated Care Manager
  • Design Your Own Care Plan
  • We Will Organise Allied Health Professionals
  • We Will Organise Contractors
  • Support Coordination

Package B – Self-management Extra

Package B introduces a comprehensive and engaged approach, reflecting our commitment to actively support clients’ care journey. With a particular focus on arranging contractors and allied health professionals, Package B is designed to seamlessly connect clients with the services they require.

While Package B covers the coordination of contractors and allied health professionals, it does not extend to arranging Support Workers or assistants. This targeted approach allows us to concentrate our efforts on areas where our expertise can make the most impact. We understand the significance of specialized services, and Package B ensures that you have access to professionals who are adept at catering to your unique requirements.

At a cost of 20% of the total home care package, Package B offers a transparent pricing structure, devoid of any additional or concealed charges. This clarity empowers you to plan your budget effectively, knowing that you’re investing in a service that brings tangible benefits.

Our hands-on involvement in arranging contractors and allied health professionals streamlines the process for you. You can rely on our expertise to facilitate these connections, ensuring that the services align with your needs and preferences. With Package B, you receive dedicated support that optimises the selection of specialized professionals, resulting in a more tailored care experience.

In essence, Package B embodies our dedication to facilitating a holistic care journey. By concentrating on contractors and allied health professionals, we ensure that you receive targeted assistance where it matters most. This package not only provides you with valuable support but also grants you the freedom to make informed decisions about your care, all while benefiting from a straightforward and inclusive pricing model.

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