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Package A

Package A – Self-management

Package A

Package A

You have the freedom to organise and schedule all of the supports you need, and simply arrange the invoices to be sent to us!
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  • No Extra Fees
  • Organise Your own Support workers
  • Dedicated Care Manager
  • Design Your Own Care Plan
  • Organise Your Own Allied Health
  • Organise Your Own Contractors

Package A – Self-management

Package A grants clients increased independence in managing their care. Under this package, clients have the freedom to coordinate and select their own Support Workers, contractors, and allied health professionals, empowering them to shape their care team as they see fit. Once clients have engaged these services, they can simply send us the resulting invoices to us.

We take on the responsibility of reviewing these invoices to ensure that the services have been satisfactorily provided. Our diligent assessment process guarantees that you receive the quality of service you deserve. Upon verification, we seamlessly initiate the invoice processing procedure. This convenient process alleviates the administrative burden from your shoulders, allowing clients to focus on what matters most, well-being and comfort.

A distinctive aspect of Package A is its transparent pricing structure. It constitutes 15% of the total home care package cost, without any hidden or supplementary fees. This straightforward approach ensures that clients know exactly what they’re investing in and can plan their budget accordingly.

Ultimately, Package A embodies our commitment to providing clients with exceptional value and personalised control over their care journey. It harmonises affordability, flexibility, and quality, assuring clients of a tailored experience that meets their unique preferences and needs. Discover the freedom of managing your support network, your way, while enjoying the peace of mind that comes with a dedicated team overseeing the intricacies of invoicing and service validation.


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Package A

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