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Major Changes to Home Care Package Products and Services Claims | Inclusions and Exclusions | Gratitude In-Home Care

There are some major changes to the home care packages program operational manual which have come into effect in January and have changed the way many home care package holders use their funding. There are now a lot of exclusions for products and services that can be claimed using home care package funding.

Only products and services that are related to the care recipient’s ageing-related care needs apply can be purchased with a home care package. 

For example,
• HCP funds can be used for allied health services but must only be used when the service is:
* required due to care recipient’s age-related functional decline or to assess the need for aids and equipment
* delivered by an accredited provider, and
* not concurrently being funded by another government program.

• Plumbing must only be provided to improve safety and accessibility and promote independence, for example removing shower hobs.

• Seniors that possess a home care package will no longer be able to get subsidised medication.

• Home care package holders can no longer claim for climate control expenses using their home care package.

• Objects like fridges, microwaves, kettles and other appliances can no longer able to be claimed using home care package funding unless they are specifically designed to tackle the challenges of arthritis, such as a kettle that doesn’t require you to lift or balance it while you pour water.

• Visits to the gym and pool are now excluded.

View the home care packages operational manual to view the entire list of inclusions and exclusions.

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