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In-home Aged Care Services West Meadows

West Meadows

Personalised In-home Aged Care West Meadows


Gratitude In-Home Care’s in-home aged care services are offered at a very affordable price, allowing seniors that choose our services to be able to afford to receive more hours of services from us compared to other providers. We offer personalized service meets unique support needs of each client, ensuring they receive the best possible care. We match our clients and staff based on the preferences, interests, culture, and language of our clients. We offer in-home age care services to seniors from West Meadows who have a home care package or who are interested in self-funding their support.


We hire the best personal care assistants to ensure our clients the best care possible. We make sure our support team is properly trained for every possible scenario. We perform background checks on all members of staff we can provide the best quality services.


We provide a wide range of in-home support services that assist seniors to remain independent at home for longer. Our services are suitable for seniors with low and high care needs. We can provide 24-hour care, as well as assisting with household tasks, nursing care, gardening, and more. Our nursing services are great for seniors with high level care needs that are in need of clinical support that they can receive from the comfort of their own home.


Our West Meadows In-home Aged Care services:  

• Personal care
• Palliative care 
• Overnight & 24-hour care 
• Respite care 
• Medication assistance 
• Nursing services 
• After hospital care 
• Companionship 
• Shopping support and meal preparation 
• Gardening and home maintenance 
• Transport support 
• Assistance with household tasks 
• Community access 
• Allied Health Services

Point of difference  

Our in-home aged care services are more affordable than some of our competitors because we charge lower management fees than other providers, so seniors who choose us as their in-home aged care service provider can save on home care services. Therefore, our clients are able to receive more services if they want to.

Prior to commencing services within our clients’ homes, we offer a free home safety assessment. With this, we can prevent avoidable injuries and help our clients remain healthy, safe, and independent by doing so by checking for any hazards which could lead to accidents within the home, such as carpets, lights are working, obstructions etc. We can installs handrails, and assistive devices if necessary.


Gold partner reward scheme  


We launched a gold partner reward scheme to show appreciation to our clients. We give our clients $1 for every hour of service if they receive 20 to 30+ hours of services from us per month. If our clients receive 20 hours of services from us, they will get $20 back. If our clients receive 30 hours of services from us, they will get $30 back.

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