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In-home Aged Care Services Meadow Heights

The most affordable in-home care services are provided by Gratitude In-Home Care (GIHC) in Meadow Heights and surrounding. Compared to our competitors, we provide our clients more support hours for their home care package (HCP) because our fees are much lower even though we provide a very high quality of support services, with support workers who are appropriately matched with clients, so they get the most of their services. We also provide services for individuals who are interested in paying for the services they require. Perhaps they do not have a home care package or are awaiting the release of their funding. We are committed to providing the best standard in-home care therefore we only hire the best support staff.

In-home care is far better for the mental and physical well-being of seniors compared to residential aged care and it is also cheaper. Our in-home care services help elderly Australians maintain their independence and ability live longer at home. We are here to help, whether you or a loved one requires overnight care, round-the-clock care, or just some help around the house. We provide a comprehensive range of services, covering every aspect that home care packages include, so we can meet your demands. To learn how we can assist, contact us right now!

• Personal care
• Palliative care
• Overnight & 24-hour care
• Respite care
• Medication assistance
• Nursing services
• After hospital care
• Companionship
• Shopping support and meal preparation
• Gardening and home maintenance
• Transport support
• Assistance with household tasks
• Community access
• Allied Health Services

Point of difference

Unlike some of our competitors, we only charge 25% of clients’ home care package, while Some charge up to 40% or 50%. This means our clients can afford more to request more support hours for their funds.

We provide a free home safety evaluation before starting services to ensure that all of our clients’ houses are risk-free. This initiative helps to eliminate preventable injuries and in turn helping them stay healthy and at home longer.

Gold partner reward scheme

As a means of saying thanks to those who pick us as their service provider, we established a gold partner incentive programme. In accordance with this programme, we offer our customers gift cards each month in the amounts of $20 and $30 for getting 20 or more and 30 or more hours of services, respectively. A $30 gift card is awarded for receiving 30 hours or more, and a $20 gift card is awarded 20 hours or more.

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