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In-home Aged Care Services Heidelberg


Personalised In-home Aged Care Heidelberg

Gratitude In-Home Care`s in-home aged care services are highly cost-effective, allowing our clients to receive more hours of services from us compared to some of our competitors. We provide personalised services to meet the unique care needs of each customer, ensuring they receive the best care possible. Our clients are matched with support staff based on the preferences, interests, culture, and language. Our in-home services are available to seniors who reside in Heidelberg and surrounding suburbs who possess a government home care package or who are interested in self-financing services.

We ensure that our customers get top quality care by only hiring the best support staff. We make sure our support team is properly trained for each scenario. We perform background checks on all members of staff we can provide the best quality services.

We support seniors to remain independent at home for longer, suitable for seniors with low and high care needs. Have an extensive service offering with capacity to assist with household tasks, nursing care, gardening, and 24-hour care and much more. In the case that a customer requires nursing services at home, we have enrolled and registered nurses to assist!

Our Heidelberg In-home Aged Care services:  

•Personal care
• Palliative care 
• Overnight & 24-hour care 
• Respite care 
• Medication assistance 
• Nursing services 
• After hospital care 
• Companionship 
• Shopping support and meal preparation 
• Gardening and home maintenance 
• Transport support 
• Assistance with household tasks 
• Community access 
• Allied Health Services

Point of difference  

Seniors who select for us to be their in-home aged care provider can save on their home care services because we charge lower fees than some of our competitors. Therefore, customers can enjoy more services if they choose.

Our clients are entitled to a free home security assessment before we begin working on their homes. The free home safety assessment can identify hazards that we can eliminate, ultimately contributing to seniors maintaining their health, safety, and independence. Handrails, non-slip floors and tools can be installed as needed.

Gold partner reward scheme  

The gold partner rewards program was created to show our gratitude to our clients. Clients receive $1 back for each hour of service they receive from us. Clients receive $20 back for 20 hours of services, and $30 back for 30 hours of services.

Know more about our Aged Care Services

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