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Health Benefits of Owning a Pet | Gratitude In-Home Care | Aged Care Australia

One study found that pets can aid people suffering from mental illnesses by easing loneliness, reducing stress, and providing a distraction. Another study found that pet owners had lower blood pressure than those that weren’t pet owners.

Pets, especially dogs motivate us to exercise, as dogs require regular exercise, which encourages their owners to exercise alongside them.

Pets also encourage us to form a routine around our pets.  Pets’ Consistent feeding times, playtime, walks, and exercise all contribute to a more structured day. Studies have shown that having a routine is beneficial for persons at risk of poor health, such as the elderly or those suffering from mental illness or other chronic health issues.

Pets can also be good for a person’s social health by encouraging us to have more social interaction with people in our community.

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Exercise is important for

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