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Eye care tips – 10 essential tips to maintain eye health

It is essential to know these tips to maintain eye health!

  1. give your eyes a break from screens every 20 minutes
  2. spending time outside can help protect your eyes.
  3. wear sunglasses outside to avoid damage caused by the sun.
  4. if you need prescription glasses, you should wear them to avoid strain on the eyes and headaches.
  5. check your expiry on cosmetics and replace brushes regularly to avoid eye infections.
  6. Regular exercise can lower pressure in your eyes and increase flow of blood to the optic nerve and retina.
  7. nutrients in a healthy diet reduce decline in eye health
  8. don’t smoke. Smoking increase eye health decline.
  9. book an eye test to detect problems before they arise.
  10. prioritise your eyes – you need them to last all your life.


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