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Considering Respite Care

Respite care provides some short-term relief for primary carers. It isn’t uncommon for family members that assume the role of primary care giver to suffer some form of burnout.

Respite care is a short-term stay away from home for elderly people, from as little as a few days to a few months. Government home-care package holders are eligible for respite care but the during of respite services depends on the level of funding available. If you need assistance applying for government funding or organising respite services, contact us on 1300 912 115.

There are two main forms of respite care, being in-home respite and Residential respite care. In-home respite takes place in one’s own home and tends to be the cheapest form of respite care. In-home respite can take place during the day or at night. Residential respite involves staying away from home in short-term accommodation such a private hotel room or facility. This form of respite care is typically more expensive than in-home respite because there are many more fees involved, whereas in-home respite is a personalised fee. Gratitude In-Home Care offers both in-home respite and Residential respite care options, contact us to discuss your options.

The Government (My Aged Care 1800 200 422) can assist with organising Respite care in the form of residential aged care. Instead, Gratitude in-home care has private Respite accommodation with vacancies every day of the year as well as in-home respite options, both with no waiting list.

There are some signs to look out for which might indicate that you may need relief from caring for a short amount of time, therefore it’s worth considering Respite.

• Physical tiredness or mental fatigue

• Your caring duties interfere with your own social or working life

• Frequent Sickness

• Sadness and Anger

Our services may be organised at regular intervals, ad-hoc, or in response to an emergency or crisis. We have no waiting lists, so you can feel confident that we can respond to your needs in a timely manner. Each respite care booking is specifically designed to meet individual needs and may include:

• Domestic Assistance

• Personal Care

• Companionship

• Live-in Care

• Oral Hygiene

• Basic Foot and Skin Care

• Fitting Aids and Appliances

• Medication Prompting

• Assistance with Eating and Drinking

Gratitude In-Home Care offers a free safety Assessment of the entire home and can organise for any modifications to be done, cleaning and decluttering. GIHC can also help with making sure the correct medication is taken every day and night, as well as providing around the clock care if needed.

  • Personal care
  • Palliative care
  • Overnight & 24-hour care
  • Respite care
  • Medication assistance
  • Nursing services
  • After hospital care
  • Companionship
  • Shopping support and meal preparation
  • Gardening and home maintenance
  • Transport support
  • Assistance with household tasks
  • Community access

Contact us to have a no-charge, no-obligation chat about your options.
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