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The Better at Home initiative was first announced by the Victorian government in 2020 to put more funding behind delivering more hospital services within patients’ homes with a commitment $120.9 million in funding over 3 years.

Building on this commitment, the 2022–23 Victorian Budget allocated an additional $698 million to expand the program. This expansion is intended to benefit over 15,000 Victorians annually, granting them access to home-based care along with telehealth check-ups.

Numerous local and global evaluations of home-based hospital services have demonstrated the advantages of this approach. Patients under this care have experienced improved outcomes, leading to significantly higher levels of patient and carer satisfaction.

During the initial announcement of the initiative, the Minister for Health, Martin Foley, acknowledged the challenges posed by the coronavirus pandemic to Victorians. However, he also recognized how this difficult time inspired the development of innovative and more effective methods of caring for people. The government’s commitment is to ensure that such beneficial programs continue to be available to Victorians.

The Better at Home initiative focuses on delivering healthcare within patients’ homes when appropriate and preferred by the patient. This includes home-based and virtual care, empowering patients to choose to recover in a familiar environment, should they prefer it over a hospital setting. Ultimately, the initiative strives to enhance the quality of care and cater to the individual needs and preferences of patients.


For more information, head to the department of health’s website at: https://www.health.vic.gov.au/patient-care/better-at-home-initiative


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