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After Hospital Care: In-Home Aged Care

It is important that seniors consider in-home care services before undergoing hospital procedures, so that services are organised and ready to commence as soon as they begin their recovery process at home discharging from hospital. It is possible that seniors recovering from procedure may need different services than usual or for longer durations such as extra personal care services, nursing services, shopping support, gardening services etc.

Seniors who may need extra help when recovering at home from a hospital procedure may be eligible for transition care funding. This additional funding pays for those extra services which reduces the duration that seniors would otherwise need to stay in a hospital. This funding is available for 4-12 weeks

For more information about the transition care funding click here.

GIHC provides after hospital care services for seniors while they recover from hospital which includes nursing services and other services they need as they heal, so feel free to contact us if you’re interested in accessing our services.

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