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4 pillars of well-being

It is very important to work on these 4 pillars to maintain mental and physical health, not matter what age you are.

1. Get enough sleep – Sleep helps the mind and body
recover day after day, and when you don’t get enough sleep, it can affect your
emotions, how you react to certain situations and can deteriorate your mental
and physical health.

2. Healthy eating and exercising – Healthy eating
and exercising are both extremely important to maintain mental and physical
health. Healthy eating and exercising can ensure you get all the nutrients your
body and mind requires to maintain a healthy body weight and assist in improving
overall mood.

3. Social connection – Remaining social throughout
your life will help maintain a positive mental wellbeing. Extended loneliness
can be very damaging to a person’s mental wellbeing.

4. Practice gratitude and stay positive. Practicing
gratitude and positivity can have profound effects on one’s mental wellbeing.
You can practice these things by taking time to ask yourself what you’re
grateful. You can then express your gratitude on others, or practice gratitude
meditation to savour the good and anchor yourself in the present.  

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