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Transition Care Program (TCP) | Australia | Aged Care

The Transition Care Program (TCP) is a short-term care program that seeks to reduce the number of elderly patients who spend unnecessarily long periods of time in hospitals or are prematurely admitted to nursing homes. TCP helps seniors to finish their restorative process by providing case management, low-intensity treatment, and personal support, which can be provided in a home setting or nursing home.


The target group for TCP services includes:

  • Seniors in hospitals who need longer time to regain their independence in terms of their physical, cognitive, and psychosocial functioning
  • Seniors in hospitals, for whom the goal is to maximise functionality while helping them and their family or carers plan for suitable long-term care.


TCP services:

  • nursing support
  • personal care
  • physiotherapy and other allied health services
  • medical support
  • case management.
  • In-home respite
  • And more..


The average duration of participation in the programme is four to six weeks, with a 12-week maximum.

The person’s initial eligibility will be determined by the Aged Care Assessment Service (ACAS).

Seniors can self-refer to the TCP or have a referral made on their behalf by hospital staff.

The majority of the costs of the TCP are covered by the subsidy provided to Victorian health services by the Commonwealth and Victorian Governments.

For more information, head to the department of health’s website here.

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