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Standard Pricing Schedule

Part F: Standard Pricing Schedule
Gratitude In-home Care charges a one-off establishment fee of $200 at the commencement of your In-Home Care service. This is to cover the cost of the initial set up of your services, including care planning, budget preparation and the completion of associated administration tasks.
Our fee structure is simple to understand and designed to support you in getting the most care possible from your Home Care.
We are dedicated to great customer service, which our clients love. We are friendly, professional, and reliable when you need us.
Invoicing/payment based on actual services delivered in past fortnight.
GIHC will invoice only for services delivered in the past fortnight and will be paid in arrears for those services.

Alternate Pricing Schedule

Any Alternate Charges agreed from the commencement of your Home Care and the reason why different charges apply are set out below. The Alternate Charges apply and will be deducted from your Package Funds instead of the corresponding Standard Charges until different charges apply.
No Alternate Prices apply to this agreement