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Residential Care, Home Care, and Transition Care Providers – New Reporting Requirements | Aged Care Australia | GIHC

The Department of Health and Aged Care conducted a webinar on June 30 – Greater transparency about aged care providers and services – new reporting requirements. Beginning October 31 this year, residential care, home care, and transition care providers must report additional details about their operations to the Department of Health and Aged Care on an annual basis. These details, along with information regarding income and expenses for residential aged care providers, will be made available on the My Aged Care website from early 2024.


The purpose of this initiative is to make it easier for older individuals, their families, and caregivers to find comprehensive information about provider operations in one place.


The information that will be included consists of a statement from the governing body confirming compliance with Aged Care legislation, any instances of non-compliance and the actions being taken to rectify them, diversity information concerning the inclusion of representatives from various communities, efforts made to create a diverse and inclusive environment for care recipients and staff, details about common feedback and complaints received by each service, key improvements in service quality, and information regarding the membership of the governing body.


Additionally, providers will be required to share information about any individual in an executive position within their organization, such as a CEO. This information will be published on the My Aged Care website.


To complete the necessary information, providers can access the form through the Government Provider Management System or GPMS. They will need to download and print the Statement for signature, and then upload a scanned version of the signed statement into the relevant section of the Collection Form.


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