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In-home Aged Care Services Fairfield


Personalised In-home Aged Care Fairfield

Gratitude In-Home Care offers high quality in-home aged care services at extremely reasonable prices, allowing our clients to get more hours of services from their home care package compared to some of our competitors. We tailor our services to each customer’s individual care requirements, ensuring that they receive the best possible care. 

We match our customers with professional personal care workers based on their preference, culture, and language. Our in-home aged care services are available to seniors in Fairfield and the surrounding areas who have a government home care package or who are able to self-finance their care.

We hire the best support staff to guarantee that our clients receive the best service possible. Every member of our support team has received the necessary training, and we do background checks on all employees to ensure that we are providing the best services available.

We provide personalized care to fulfil the individual demands of elders with low and high care needs in order for them to remain at home for a longer period of time. Cleaning, gardening, and 24-hour care are among the services we offer. We also offer home nursing services, which are delivered by registered and enrolled nurses!

Our Fairfield In-home Aged Care services:  

Personal care
• Overnight & 24-hour care 
Respite care 
• Medication assistance 
Nursing services 
After hospital care 
• Companionship 
• Shopping support and meal preparation 
• Gardening and home maintenance 
• Transport support 
• Assistance with household tasks 
• Community access 
• Allied Health Services 

Point of difference  

Our charges are lower than those of some of our competitors, so seniors who choose us as their in-home aged care provider may receive more hours of care than they would with other providers.

We provide a free home safety examination before doing any work in our clients’ houses. By identifying and fixing possible dangers, the free home safety exam is an effective initiative to help seniors maintain their health, safety, and independence. If necessary, handrails and nonslip flooring can be fitted.

Gold partner reward scheme  

The gold partner rewards programme was developed to express our gratitude to our consumers. Every three months, we provide our clients a gift card in return for receiving 60 hours of our services during that time period.

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