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In-home Aged Care Services Airport West

Airport West            

Personalised In-home Aged Care Airport West                                       

Gratitude In-Home Care specialises in delivering personalised care to seniors in Airport West and neighbouring suburbs. What differentiates us is our dedication to providing cost-effective care, enabling seniors to allocate savings for additional services such as gardening, cleaning, and home improvements.

Recognising that each senior has distinct needs, we take the time to customise our care specifically for them. This involves considering language, interests, and even preferences for support staff. Our objective is to ensure that seniors receive the utmost quality of service in the care they receive.

In Airport West, we are ready to offer swift assistance to seniors. We present various avenues for aiding seniors at home, making the most of their home care package, and we also accommodate seniors who can independently cover their care expenses. Our team is thoughtfully selected and extensively trained, dedicated to providing outstanding care with kindness and expertise.

We offer an array of services including personal care, cleaning, gardening, and more, all aimed at empowering seniors to maintain independence in their own residences. At Gratitude In-Home Care, our aim is to support seniors in residing at home for an extended duration by delivering the highest level of care possible.

Our Airport West In-home Aged Care services:  

• Personal care
• Overnight & 24-hour care 
Respite care 
• Medication assistance 
Nursing services 
After hospital care 
• Companionship 
• Shopping support and meal preparation 
• Gardening and home maintenance 
• Transport support 
• Assistance with household tasks 
• Community access 
• Allied Health Services

Point of difference  

We place a strong emphasis on easy communication, setting us apart from some larger organisations that can be challenging to reach via phone or email. Within our company, reaching the appropriate person for scheduling, finances, or consultations is straightforward.

Our standout feature is our exceptional home support services. We provide affordable options for seniors, enabling them to optimise their home care package funds.

Prior to commencing our services, we offer complimentary consultations, meet-and-greet sessions, and home safety assessments for potential clients. This ensures that clients have a comprehensive understanding of our services, costs, and expectations before making commitments. Our free home safety evaluations play a pivotal role in identifying and mitigating risks, showcasing our unwavering dedication to clients’ safety and well-being. This service significantly empowers seniors to maintain independence and a sense of security.

Gold partner reward scheme  

To express our appreciation to valued clients who entrust us as caregivers, we’ve introduced the Gold Partner Rewards Program. Clients who utilise our services for a cumulative 60 hours within three months become eligible for an exclusive gift card. This gesture serves as a token of gratitude for their steadfast support and confidence in our caregiving.

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