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I have been approved for a Home Care Package and now on the waiting list. What care options do I have? | Aged Care Australia | GIHC

I have been approved for a Home Care Package and now on the waiting list. What care options do I have?

As you await your Home Care Package (HCP) funding to be released, there are several options to consider that can provide essential care and support. While waiting times for HCPs can vary, exploring these avenues can help you access assistance and maintain your well-being during this interim period.

  1. Temporary Access to Commonwealth Home Support Programme (CHSP):
    • If eligible, you might access short-term assistance through CHSP while awaiting your HCP.
    • CHSP offers entry-level home care services, with a quicker assessment and approval process.
    • The government subsidises a significant portion of services, such as basic personal care, cleaning, and meal preparation.
  2. Interim Packages:
    • For those assessed at higher HCP levels, interim packages can provide access to essential services.
    • An interim package lets you access support sooner, even if it’s a lower level of care than assessed for.
    • Opting for an interim package doesn’t affect your place on the HCP waiting list.
  3. Private Home Care:
    • Choose to pay for services from private home care providers, offering immediate assistance.
    • Private providers offer quality care, though without government subsidies.
    • This option caters to urgent needs or additional services beyond government-funded care.
  4. Consult Your Doctor:
    • Discuss your health concerns with your doctor for potential assistance options.
    • The Chronic Disease Management (CDM) program can offer allied health support for complex conditions.
    • Your doctor can arrange a structured care plan involving various health professionals.
  5. Lean on Family and Friends:
    • Family and friends might already be providing informal care; discuss additional assistance.
    • This network can offer invaluable support until your HCP becomes available.
  6. Urgent Needs and Reassessment:
    • In urgent health situations, your position on the waiting list may be expedited.
    • Request reassessment if your health condition worsens to hasten the access process.
  7. Plan and Research:
    • Research home care providers and costs, preparing for your HCP’s availability.
    • Explore adjustments to your living space for safety and emergency readiness.
  8. Temporary Pausing:
    • If you’ve arranged temporary care, you can pause it upon HCP availability.
    • Notify My Aged Care to reactivate your access without losing your waiting list spot.

While awaiting your Home Care Package, seniors have several options to ensure their well-being. From temporary assistance through CHSP and interim packages to private providers, consulting doctors, seeking help from family and friends, and addressing urgent needs, these pathways offer valuable support.

Gratitude in-home care can assist with providing temporary private home care while waiting for the home care package funding to be made available.

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