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How accurate is the aged care rating system? | My Aged Care | Australia

The star rating system rates residential aged care providers from one to five, with 1 star being below standard, 3 stars being average, and 5 stars being outstanding.

The aged care rating system gives older Australians, families, and carers the opportunity to compare residential aged care providers to make informed decisions on the care they want to receive or who they choose to work for.

If the rating system is not accurate, people will be misinformed about the quality of care they can expect. Senator Ruston said compliance data should be updated daily, to prevent any out-of-date and misleading information being released to the community, and for the government to provide this information to the public domain knowing that the information may not be accurate is distressing.

An example of the information being out-of-date is Blue Haven Bonaira aged care facility in Kiama, that has a 3-star overall rating and 4-star compliance rating, with a comment stating it has had no compliance issues in a year as of the end of September. However, in November it was revealed that Blue Haven Bonaira failed six of eight compliance standards, and an improvement notice was issued over its finances.

Some people believe that the system should be scrapped due to these star ratings scaring older Australians and their families, while others believe that it will raise the standards for residential aged care facilities.

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