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Covid Health Management plan for 2023

The federal government has just released a Covid Health Management plan for 2023. Some of the key points of the plan can be seen below:

  • Covid admissions to hospitals will be funded by the government.
  • Covid vaccine program will be extended until December 2023.
  • Only individuals who get a medical referral can get a PCR test as of next year.
  • Getting a PCR test is not required nor advised for low-risk people.
  • More assistance will be available for aged care, First Nations, disability, and multicultural communities.
  • Individuals can get 10 Subsidised consultations with psychologists.

The COVID health management plan for 2023 will cost an additional $2.9 billion and is being implemented at a time when cases in NSW are surging, with 40,000 cases and 48 fatalities reported in the most recent week. Covid is expected to continue developing for at least two more years but is not expected to develop into a very severe strain.

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