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Covid-19 Oral Treatments Now Available | My Aged Care | Australia

Covid-19 oral treatments are now available, reducing the effects of covid-19 and help the immune system to kick in. Research suggests that both Lagevrio and Paxlovid are effective in reducing the likelihood of hospitalisations and deaths. Paxlovid is far more effective than lagevrio at reducing hospitalisations and deaths, however it is not recommended for those that have pre-existing medical conditions such as kidney or liver disease. Paxlovid also has several interactions with other common medications that makes this an unsuitable option for some people.

Not everyone is eligible to access these antiviral medications. As seen on the Department of Health and Aged Care website.

Eligibility criteria:

If you test positive for COVID-19, you may be eligible for antiviral treatments if you are:

  • 70 years of age or older, regardless of risk factors and with or without symptoms
  • 50 years of age or older with 2 additional risk factors
  • First Nations person, 30 years of age or older and with 1 additional risk factor
  • 18 years of age or older and moderately to severely immunocompromised.

These treatments require a prescription, so before making this prescription, your doctor will choose the treatment that is right for you.

Check your risk factors and eligibility.

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