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Aged Care Transport Services Help Older People Stay Connected

Transport support services support individuals to travel to places they want or need to go to. Restrictions on the travel of seniors can lead to loneliness, which can develop into more serious issues. It might also be the case that seniors need to go to see a doctor or pick up medication and failing to do so could be a major problem. Providers that assist with helping seniors access the community can help them stay connected with the community and prevent the negative effects of loneliness.

At GIHC, our support workers can take clients to doctors appointments, visit family and friends, attend events, go to the pharmacy, go shopping etc. In addition to transport services, we provide companionship & social support, and shopping support so that clients can be accompanied by their support worker and feel at ease at any of these places.

We also have a cab charge card service for clients, so they can have the freedom to travel to any place on their own. We top up individual cab cards for clients and they can simply pay for their trip with that card.

For information about our services visit our website at gihc.com.au, Call us on (03) 9863 6149 or 1300 912 155 after hours, email us at info@gihc.com.au