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Aged Care reforms from 1 January 2023 | My Aged Care | Australia

Providers will no longer be able to charge exit fees.

Providers cannot charge package management fees when you didn’t receive any services from them.

There are set limits for management fees that will be providers can charge, now being set to 20% for care management and 15% for package management.

Charges for brokerage or subcontracting of goods or services must be charged all-inclusively and agreed on before good is purchased or services commence. Providers cannot charge a separate handling or invoicing fee.

These changes will force some providers to be more transparent when it comes to fees and drop their fees, in turn giving a lot of seniors more hours for their home care packages than before when they could charge 40-50% of people’s home care packages, with the addition of exit fees, and hidden fees.

View the Home Care Packages pricing update via the link on this page.


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