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Aged care facility charged for workplace safety breach

St Basil’s Fawkner Facility has been charged for workplace safety breach which caused the deadliest COVID outbreak from any nursing home in Australia which led to the death of 50 residents which occurred in 2020. The facility could face millions of dollars in fines for not supplying PPE and failing to enforce PPE requirements after workers tested positive to COVID. St Basil’s has received 9 charges in total, 3 charges for failing to ensure a safe workplace, 1 for failing to provide safe work environment, 2 for failing to provide instruction & supervision, and 3 for failing to protect staff and residents. St Basil’s could be fined up to $1.49 million per charge, or $13.4 million in total. The daughter of one of the St Basil’s residents that passed away in 2020 described the situation at the facility as shocking, and residents suffered from neglect.

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